Chic Of The Week ☆ v.1

What’s up all my fashionistas?

For this week’s #ChicOfTheWeek, we are taking it back to basics.

cotw1Anybody can rock a gorgeous navy blue dress! Accessorizing is key. While shoes, purses, necklaces and earrings are key factors to look into, there is one staple accessory that shouldn’t be looked over:

Nail Polish!

The color nails you have can bring a whole outfit together or be that one pop of color that can compliment the rest of your outfit!

The great thing about sporting Mabella Chic’s Navy Blue Dress is that the nail color options are almost endless!


For a more serious look, try black nails or clear.

For an evening look, try gold/yellow or even a silver.

My personal favorite: a classic red nail! The color blocking will bring the whole outfit together!  I’m using “Ruby Ruby” by Sinful Colors

qandaWhat nail color would you use for this chic dress?  Use the hashtag #ChicOfTheWeek and let us know! 🙂

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